Cleaning and tears

2013-10-09 06:44:53 by DroneLocker

-Website UPDATED and rearranged. It should be easier to navigate around the place now.
-album Wounds of Iron added to download
-164 subscribers!
-barely anybody leave a comment under videos... Seriously guys. I am not asking for much. Please, give me feedback. Start commenting. How can i improve if i have no feedback? And it's so depressing. Your feedback is what keeps me making music. It inspires me. Without it - i really don't see myself doing any new music as of now... What's the point? Don't be shy or lazy. You don't have a little bit of idea how much work and devotion it takes to make this music. I just need feedback...

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2013-10-12 07:42:00

That's a TON of subscribers! Congrats!

DroneLocker responds:

Thank you ^^