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My biggest secret

2017-05-18 12:57:00 by DroneLocker


Does it work? =)

Ummm... Zit Storm going a bit viral right now on Google Play O.o

Well, um. Apparently there is audience for anything and everything, really. Lol.

You might not believe it but…

2017-04-26 15:06:54 by DroneLocker

Inner Voices - John's Calamity

…I’ve made a new game! :D Well, not by myself this time. Its a collaborative work between me and a fellow programmer from Fat Dog Games (awesome bastards <3 ) and HERE you can play the end result :D

And another sexy beast ;3

2016-07-20 05:15:11 by DroneLocker

Sexy Tentacle Monster

Whats worse than a starship-size, nasty spider?
Well, a FLYING starship-size nasty spider of course!
(Even I have no idea how exactly many legs this thing has.... ._.)

Adorable Tentacle Monster

2016-07-19 14:51:03 by DroneLocker















Isn't she cute?! <3

...that you've fall for such a cheap clickbait title :P
Ok, but lets be serious.

So you wanted moving pictures eh? To see if this isn't just a fancy photoshop mockup? Then get those here moving.

Now, without the hype: the Teaser is kind a crap. Because the game is still in early alpha. So there is not much to show. Moreover - my garbage of PC is 7 years old with a dying graphic card. So recording even a bloody Minesweeper in 60FPS is a challange. In order for this thing to be recorded in 60 FPS - I had to record it in a '90s resolution, which was around 640/360, and then stretch to fit in video editing soft.

The whole teaser took me around 30 minutes to make so yeah... don't expect any fireworks. Quite frankly - the less you expect, the better for you. Anyway, umm. Yeah. Knock yourself out.

Still reading? Hm. Alright. So now without that "wise-guy" attitude... Jokes off - I am really putting my heart and soul into this one. I know its not really Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer, not even close. But regardless - I hope you will enjoy the show.

And I keep my word I gave you on my facebook. Once this is done - it'll cost $1.99. Is it underpriced? Honestly, I don't care. I want this thing to be played by as many people as possible. To be experienced. If the game will be good, it will pay some of my bills regardless is the price $2 or $20. And if it'll end up bad... then I never deserved to be paid to begin with.  This way or another:

Have a wonderful day :)
(and sorry for my grammar)

Also, if you are not in the mood to watch a video, here's a image gallery:

Wohow! :D I am a huge fan of him ^-^


In case you haven't had a lot of weird dreams lately...

Well! I might have just the thing! Some of you might remember that this whole Drone Locker-thing started as a music project. I had made a lot of music tracks, published couple of albums and then I've dropped the ball, seeing how little feedback it gets. That's when I've turned around and focus on Games Developing and left my musician roots behind.

Of course, I still am and I've been - making music. But now it was purely for my own or someone else games. The rest I happen to create never seen the light of the day, never got published.

If you are one of those old-timers who went after me for my music, or if you simply enjoy my audio creations - today you are in for a treat.

As always, because it was made by me - it had to be a bit creepy, eerie and otherworldly. Just as I am.

Tell me whatcha think.

Oh and please do also on YouTube. This way this thing might gain popularity. Which of course, as any other guy - I would be very glad about.


Polished and upgraded the starship sprites a bit. I think this is as close as it gets to what I had in mind. And thats the last update for Stellar Flux for couple of days... I got food poisoned and I am barely seing what I type. Plus my kid got fever so we all be staying home for next couple of days.


First footages. This really kicks ass in motion. Shame my PC is so old and weak. The game run on perma-60FPS ALWAYS. Its because of the video recording software the framerate droped :\